Who is Behind All This

Gosia Makosa was born in 1981 in Wolsztyn. She lives and works in Chobienice (Poland).

She graduated from Horse Breeding college in Nietazkowo, near Smigiel. She got her practical knowledge while having an internship and later working in the Recreational Equestrian Centre in Bronkow. In the meantime, she completed the horse-riding course in the Olimpic Training Centre ‘Lewada’ and became a certified horse-riding instructor.

Following this, Gosia decided to combine working with horses with her other passion and went on to study Painting in the University of Zielona Gora under the direction of Prof. Andrzej Klimczak-Dobrzanski. She graduated from the University with a Master’s degree. She currently works in a private stable in Chobienice taking care of 10 horses.

The horse is an animal which fascinates her in terms of its expressive and harmonious movement and hence it is the subject of most of her work. The emphasis on horses and their elegance and power is a particularly noticeable theme in Gosia’s drawing and painting. When it comes to her work as a photographer, the relation between human and animal mystifies, intrigues and inspires this artist, and it is this mysteriousness, as well as the exceptional bonds that can be formed, that Gosia wishes to convey through her work from behind the lense, often using horses of the Baroque breeds.

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